Preparation & Painting Systems

Hot Water Pressure Cleaning

Before preparation and painting we use chemical free hot water pressure cleaning to remove all pollution, dirt, dust, mould, mildew, lichens, loose & flaky paint, and other surface contaminants, removing all loose and flaky paint which may affect the adhesion of the coating systems. These areas will then be allowed to dry.


  • Render – Inspect for any surface defects, and where required, any visible defects will be filled with suitable materials to match building’s exterior structure.
  • Render Repair Process (Step by step gallery)
  • Metal – Any visible rusty or corroded areas will be sanded to ensure a solid surface for painting. If required, visible defect areas will be filled and sanded. Surface will be treated with a rust proof converter & 2 PAC (high performance maintenance coating suitable in areas prone to harsh weather conditions, salty air and extreme heat conditions).
  • Timber – Any visible rusty nails/screws will be treated with a rust proof converter, painted with 2 PAC and allowed to dry. If required, visible defect areas will be filled.


Application of a two or three-coat paint system; depending on the deterioration and condition of the building surface.

  • Spot prime (treat defect & bare areas) with waterproof membrane sealant primer coat (aids in adhesion to surfaces)
  • Undercoat to penetrate and seal the surface.
  • Topcoat of tough & durable ultra-premium exterior paint.

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