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Roof Restorations and Roof Repairs Byron Bay

At Do It Easy Painting Services we specialise in re-painting Body Corporate buildings and roofs, offering our services in Byron Bay and surrounding communities.

We have years of experience building positive working relationships with many Strata Management Teams and Owners Committees in the Byron Bay Region.

Why choose Do It Easy Painting Services to repaint your building?

Over time, moisture, heat, salt and other elements of our environment can cause bubbling, peeling, cracking, rust and corrosion.Roof Restorations Byron Bay

Upon inspection of your property, we will undertake an assessment of your building and prepare a detailed quote which outlines the areas to be painted and addresses any areas of concern.

In addition to this, we will provide you with a tailored copy of Your Passport to Property Maintenance – a guide that shows you exactly what we have to offer and which areas of your property we will be painting. We work with you to ensure there is no confusion or grey areas when selecting the painting team who will bring life and value back to your building.

  • Not only do our preparation and painting systems treat all of the above-mentioned problems, we also offer a free ongoing Maintenance Program to aid in preventing further issues from occurring.
  • We only use premium products and products applied by experienced tradesmen to ensure a high quality, long lasting result that will add value to your property.
  • View our gallery to see more Body Corporate buildings in the Byron Bay Region that have chosen Do It Easy Painting Services.

Contact us for a free no obligation building assessment and quote.

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